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There are existing more than 40 different breeds in cats:
  • Breeds with long coat, sometimes semi-long
  • Breeds with short coat

Send us a picture of your breed, it is very welcome.



In different cat organisations are recognized different breeds for championship, and different colours and patterns in the various breeds. One can almost find as many different cat organisations as breeds in cats do exist.
Also colours and patterns are sometimes called with different names in those cat organisations. Grouping and distribution of breeds, colours and patterns into different categories and show classes vary from federation to federation. Cats can also achieve different titles in different cat federations. If you plan to show your cats, make sure that you get the necessary information about the various show classes, titles and types of shows.

The breed descriptions, given on this site, are not specific for a certain federation, because also the standards (description, how an ideal cat of a specific breed should look like) differ from federation to federation. The desciption of a breed focuses on the main characteristics of the breed, the description of the various colours and patterns gives an overview.


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