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The Russian is a shorthair cat, elegant, slender and high on legs, with striking green eyes.

The Russian is of medium size, the body is slightly elongated. Legs are slender, high and long. The boning is medium heavy.
The shape of the head forms a wedge, with a flat skull. The nose is medium long and straight. When viewed in profile, an obtuse angel can be seen, whose vertex is between the eye brows (bride of the nose), one side of the angle is built by the straight nose, the other side is built by the flat forehead which continues into the flat skull. The whiskerpads are clearly marked and rather pronounced.
The eyes are almost round and have a striking intese green colour.
The ears are large, open and wide at their base, almost upright placed.
The coat is short and very dense, it doues not ly flat to body and stands up. The coat is said to be double. The most well known colour is the Russian Blue, whose coat has a pale blue-grey colour, where the tips of the hairs are silver tipped (i.e. the hair tips are very pale in colour), which give the coat the characteristic silver shine.
The tail is long, rather broad at its base.


Russian Blue kittens


Cattery von Rasputin

EP&EC Fjodor Zar v. Rasputin
Owner: Sari Kulha

The Russian exists mainly in blue, but also white, black, chocolate and colourpoint Russian have been bred. Not all colours are recognized in all organisations.

Zarin's cattery

IC FIN*Zarin Brilliant, Owner: Renate Dorenberg,
EC FIN*Zarin Bellamor, Owner: Sari Kulha


The Russian is originated in the area of the Russian city Archangel. Merchants imported those cats into Europe in the mid-1800s. Archangel, Maltese, Foreign Blue and Spanish Blue had been exhibited in Crystal Palace in 1871. 1912 the Russian was registered as a separate breed. The Russian survived World War II - as many other breeds - because of the big effort of English breeders. The original Russian had orange eyes and was cobby with a rather round head. In the 1940s and 1950s Scandinavian breeders crossed them with Siamese, English breeders crossed them with bluepoint Siamese. Thus the body type and exe colour changed, the body became more slender and longer, the eye colour changed to green. Also the Himalayan gene (Siameses points) has remained in the gene pool of the Russian.

Visit the cattery Tolstoi's Child

EC. Anneliese Tolstoi´s Child
Breeder: Ioana Negulescu

Visit the cattery Tolstoi's Child

Fairy Tale Tolstoi's Child & Final Fantasy Tolstoi's Child
Züchter: Ioana Negulescu


There are gentle and shy, the Russian prefer delicate handling. They are affectionate and very loyal companions of their owners.



Grooming is very easy and does not need a lot of time. The breed does not need to be bathed, but regularly brushing will remove old and dead hairs and will intensify the silky shine of their coat.


Pictures are a courtesy of: The Russian Blue Association of Finland

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