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Der I. Katzenklub

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The Siberian Cat is said to be a natural breed, which are breeds having a natural origin. This cat is medium to large and the males are mostly larger than the females.

A detailed description will be provided soon.

Siberian Cats exist in almost any colour and pattern:
  • white
  • black and blue
  • red and cream
  • all these colours can also be in tortie, i.e. patched with red resp. cream
  • all these colours can also have a tabby pattern (blotched, mackerel, spotted and ticked)
  • all these colours can also exist with silver, for example smoke, silver tabby, etc.
  • These colours can have patches of any amount of white, for example with white toes, with small white patches, in any bicolour pattern
  • all these colours can also exist with gold, for example golden shaded, golden tabby, etc.





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