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Devon REX

Devon Rex are medium sized shorthair cats. The hard, medium long and muscular body is carried on long and slender legs with small oval paws. The have a broad breast and the front legs set on the body so as to give a slightly bandy look.
The head of the Devon Rex shows a short wedge and the forehead curving back to a flat skull. The forehead is rounded, the cheek bones are prominent and form full cheeks.
The nose is very short and give with the rounded forehead the impression of a stop.
The muzzle is short, shows a whisker-break and the chin is strong.
The ears are very large and very broad at their base. They taper to rounded tips, are well covered with fine hair and set very low on the head.
The eyes are large, oval in shape, set well apart and sloping towards the outer edges of the ears. They can have any colour, there is no relation between coat colour and eye colour.
The neck is long and slender.
The coat is very short and fine, when touching the coat it is extremely soft and it is a delight to feel it. The coat is wavy and/or curly with or without guard hairs.
The coat can have any colour, any pattern, the colours may appear with white or without white, there are also existing Colourpoints which are called Si-Rex.
The tail is long, fine and tapering and is well covered with short hair.
The eye brows and the whiskers are very stiff and are crinkled. It is important that Devon Rex display whiskers.


Devon Rex


Devon Rex

Devon Rex come in all colours and patterns, which one can imagine, with white and without white, with silver or in golden, with tabby pattern and in Colourpoint.

  • black, blue
  • chocolate, lilac
  • red, cream
  • cinnamon, fawn
  • tortie, bluecream
  • chocolate tortie, lilac tortie
  • All those colours can also have all tabby patterns, for example black spotted, red mackerel, bluecream blotched, and so on.
  • All those colours can appear with silver or with golden, for example blue smoke, black golden shaded, blue golden mackerel, red silver blotched, chocolate tortie silver spotted, cream silver mackerel, and so on.
  • And all those colours can also be with white (bicolour, Van, etc.), for example black and white bicolour, red and white Van, tortie mackerel bicolour, cream smoke with white, black silver blotched bicolour, and so on.
  • And - last but not least - all those colours can also appear as Colourpoints, with white or without white, as silver or golden pointed, tabbypointed, and so on.

There exist hundreds of colour and pattern combinations, and all those varieties can be admired on shows.



Devon Rex



The first Devon Rex were born in a litter of ordinary house cats in Devonshire (England) in 1960. The mutation of the coat was already known from rabbits. These two facts were the base for the new breed name.
Various other breeds had been crossed into the Devon Rex, and the curled coat had been always inherited to the offspring's. Thus many different colours and patterns were created, but - most important - that also made this breed so robust.


Devon Rex are a healthy and robust breed. They are alert and extremely intelligent. The are quite skilled in running and jumping. They are known for their appearance and often called 'gremlins'. They have an extremely sweet character, are very affectionate, and are curious about everything of their surroundings.


Devon Rex need very little grooming, because their coat does not shed. They may feel warmer and love a cosy and warm environment. One really likes to touch them, it is extremely pleasant to run your hand over the soft and curled coat.



Devon Rex




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