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The European can be compared to the kind of domestic cat, which has developed naturally, i.e. without having been subjected to special rules for breeding.
The appearance is presumed to be totally free of any admixture of other breeds.
The body type of the cat should be robust and supple, which is not different, from the point of view of anatomy, from the European domestic cat
The European is medium to large.
The head is fairly large, the face gives the impression of being rounded but is a little longer than its breadth. The forehead and skull is slightly rounded, the cheeks well developed.
The nose is straight, of medium length and uniformly broad throughout its length. The transition between the nose and the forehead is marked by a shallow indentation between the eyes.
The ears are medium in size, slightly rounded at the tips and may be tufted.
The height of the ears corresponds to the width of the base.
They are set well apart and fairly upright.
The eyes are round and open; widely separated and set slightly oblique.
The colour is clear and pure. The colours green, amber, blue
odd eyed: one eye blue, the other one amber are possible.
The chin is firm, the neck medium long and muscular and the body robust, strong and muscular, but not cobby.
The coat is short and dense, it should be felt springy and glossy.
The legs are strong and sturdy, medium in length and narrowing steadily into firm, round paws.
The tail is medium long, rather thick at the base, tapers gradually to a rounded tip.

European shorthair black

European shorthair black
EC FIN Pikku-Piun Blackmailer
Breeder: Marja-Liisa Ronkainen

European shorthair blacktortie

European shorthair blacktabby
EC Belagian Hellin
Breeder: Cristina Andersson

European shorthair blue

European shorthair blue
Katinhännän Amidala Silumin
Breeder: Kadi Myllys

European shorthair red tabby blotched

European shorthair ret blotched tabby
Conny&Cora v. Hirschenstein
Breeder: Dr. Susanna Lenk-Feik

Many different colours and patterns

There exist a lot of different colours and patterns, however there is no allowance for colours from cross breeding, like chocolate or the colourpoint pattern:

  • Solid colours as black, blue, red and cream.
  • Tortie colours as black tortie, blue tortie.
  • Smoke with all the colours mentioned before with a silver base
  • Tabby colours in all three tabby patterns (blotched, mackerel and spotted) in all the colours mentioned above
  • also with silver, then they are called silver tabby.
  • Bicolour patterns, i.e. all the solid colours above with white.

European shorthair blacktortiesmoke

European shorthair blacktabby smoke
IC S Nummulariums Lucefina
Breeder: Rebecka Salomon


European shorthair bluewhite harlequin

European bluewhite harlequin
Elaktin Casanova
Breeder: Lala Siilahti



The European shorthair is a willingful, active and clever family companion cat. She gives generously love to all the people around here.
She is the ideal cat for people which love the natural breeds.


European shorthair black silver blotched tabby

European black silver blotched tabby
Breeder: Eliana Bronzato


The European Shorthair is an easy going cat, their coat does not tangle and has no tendency to get filthy or knotted. They do not need to be bathed or excessively groomed. Their coat should be lightly combed from time to time to get rid of old and dead hairs.



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