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The Chartreux is medium to large in size. The body is rather short, but not cobby, very solid and heavy, especially at the hindquarters the body is noticeable heavier. The bones are substantial. The chest is very broad. The legs are medium in length and not very strong, when compared to the body. The paws are rather small.
The head is large and gives the impression of being somewhat square, its shape looks like an inverted trapezium - the skull is broad at the top, and becomes narrower towards the muzzle. The forehead is rather flat, on the top the skull is relatively flat.
The ears are medium in size, rather close set, and stand upright on the skull.
The nose is broad, medium in length (noticeable longer than in British Shorthair) and straight, from the tip of the nose towards the forehead the nose builds a straight line without a break or indentation.
In males the cheeks are very distinct (like jowls).
The muzzle is rather small, but square and one will notice it clearly.
The eyes are large and somewhat round in shape, they are set well apart. The eye colour is orange, sometimes the colour is slightly paler, but it should be neither watery nor have a green colour tone.
The jaws are broad, the chin is firm.
The coat is medium-short (it is not as short as it is usually in shorthair cats). The coat is extremely dense, the undercoat is very dense and woolly. It is not permitted that the coat lies flat on the body, it must stand up (because of its dense undercoat). The colour of the coat is medium blue, although light blue is preferred.
The tail is medium long and not very thick, the tip is slightly rounded.

Only Chartreux cats are the true Carthusian cats, not the British Shorthair, as those are sometimes  called erroneously.


Visit the cattery of Mices Nightmare

Chartreux litter Mices Nightmare cattery
Breeder Sandra Kucher

Visit the Club del Gatto Certosino

Chartreux male, Del Sogno Blu cattery
Breeder Paola Spurio

Coat length and coat colour

There are ongoing very controversial discussions in the various organizations, it there should be permitted also Chartreux in other colours, for example in Bluepoint. The opinions amongst the breeders are different.
Between the opinions of the breeders, if there should be also longhaired Chartreux permitted, is also sometimes a vast difference.

Visit the cattery of Mices Nightmare

Chartreux male, Mices Nightmare cattery
Owner Sandra Kucher

Visit the Club del Gatto Certosino

Chartreux female, Amatoriale cattery
Owner Domenica Lepidi


The Chartreux is the "natural" breed of France and is one of the most ancient breeds. Already in 1558 it had been reported that French Carthusian monks, who were well known for their liqueur called Chartreuse, should have bred this breed.
In 1723 the name "Chartreux" was explicitly used for this blue cat breed in a dictionary about physics, art and trade. In an encyclopaedia, issued 1753, already an article about the Chartreux cats described the colour of the coat as ash-grey till blue-grey, and that the coat was used by furriers (because of its thickness). In 1759 it was reported in the Systematic and Universal Dictionary about animals that those "ash-grey" cats had been called Chartreux cats in Paris.
During and after World War II the breed was in grave danger of extinction, and thus British Shorthair and Persians had breed crossed into the breed. At that time there did not exist a consequently separate registration of British Shorthair and Chartreux, which was the reason that British Shorthair had been called erroneously Carthusian cats. But already in 1950 the Paris Cat Club put an end to this hybridization, and from that time it was only permitted to mate Chartreux with Chartreux.
In 1970 the first Chartreux cats were exported to North America.



Chartreux are called the "smiling" cats because of the expression of their face, emphasized by the rather small muzzle when compared to the entire head.
The Chartreux are very quiet, yet proud cats. Their eyes reveal energy and an acute interest in their surroundings.
Their voice is rather chirping and quiet, but they are very good hunters.
The Chartreux displays outstanding qualities of endurance and remote reserves of energy, they are extremely intelligent and alert cats, they are very loyal and devoted to their owners. Those qualities of silent strength have enabled that extraordinary breed to survive for so many centuries.


Visit the cattery of Mices Nightmare

Chartreux female, Mices Nightmare cattery
Owner Sandra Kucher


Chartreux have a very dense coat, which plays an important role in breeding those cats. Thus regular grooming is strongly recommended. To give them a bath periodically is not necessary because their coat does not get smudged.



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