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Report about the general assembly 2012

On Sunday July 22nd, 2012, our annual general assembly took place already the third time in the Hotel Reinisch in Schwechat near Vienna. This year the general assembly commenced after a KKÖ member day and a short presentation of the results of the annual FIFe general assembly.
A lot of members were present this time, which confirms that the shift towards Sunday was well accepted. Sundays will also be the target weekdays for future general assemblies.
After the welcome of the members and the statement of the quorum, the approval of the agenda of the current assembly and the minutes of the general assembly 2011 passed and afterwards the board gave its reports.
In the last show year KKÖ held three double shows. The shows in Klosterneuburg and Bregenz showed a high visitor interest as well as a high cat inscription rate. For the third show in Ebbs were less cats announced, anyhow there was a positive result from all the shows together.
In the area of the pedigrees, KKÖ reached 2011 the highest value of issued pedigrees ever. Most pedigrees (appr. 50%) were again issued for Maine Coon, the second place was reached by the Norwegian forest cats (appr. 15%), followed by the British with appr. 12%.
The amount of members were stable in 2011.
The treasurer Mr. Fister reported about a positive result of the year 2011, which was also the reason for a increased donation towards the Katzenheim Freudenau.

The president, Mr. Preiss, appreciated his gratitude to all which helped during the shows, the members of the board and to all which are not in a official function.
The auditors Mrs. Ilse Mur and Mr. Michael Szaraz examined the books. The auditors recommend to discharge the treasurer Mr. Robert Fister from the period January 1st, 2011 until December 31st 2011.
The treasury was well conducted as well as the resp. documents were presented in a structured and easy understandable way. There were no reasons for annotations or comments.

Afterwards the discharge of responsibility of the treasurer for the respective period took place.

Finally the discharge of responsibility of the executive board took place. The executive board would like to thank for the great confidence of the members of KKÖ.

Following member was elected into the executive board for a period of two years:
Mrs. Elizabeth Wilcox as secretary

The other positions in the board remain vacant.


As auditor, Mr. Michael Szaraz was elected for a period of two years.
Mr. Michael Szaraz -
The executive board presented following proposals regarding our bylaws, which were accepted unanimously:
  • Adaption of the validity of elections
    The validity of the elections were prolonged to the end of the year were the functional period ends, however it ends with the general assembly in this year.
    This allows that board members to be elected until the respective general assembly and not exactly for 2 years.
  • Adaption of the commissions
    The show commission was dissolved, the leader of the judge- and health-commissions not participate in board meetings longer.
  • Adaptation of the co-option
    The mandatory co-option was removed and it is not necessary any more to advertise open functions.
  • Adaption of the communication with members
    It is no longer necessary to send information by registered mail.
All updates are included in our new bylaws (german).
As there were no proposals from our members, the general assembly was closed after appr. 90 minutes and the present members enjoyed the summer diner 2012 with discussions and mutual exchange of experiance.

The executive board of the Klub der Katzenfreunde Österreichs (Austria's Cat Fancy)

Service is our success

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