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Report about the general assembly 2010

On Saturday July 17th, 2010, our annual general assembly took place in the Hotel Reinisch in Schwechat near Vienna. This year the general assembly commenced after the first exhibitor and steward seminar of KKÖ. Due to the heatwave these days fewer members accepted the invitation, despite the comfortable temperature of 23 degrees in the assembly room.
After the welcome of the members and the statement of the quorum, the approval of the agenda of the current assembly and the minutes of the general assembly 2008 passed and afterwards the board gave its reports.
In the last show year KKÖ held three double shows. The shows in Schwechat and Bregenz showed a high visitor interest as well as a high cat inscription rate. The third show in Wr. Neudorf was well visited, but ended with a negative result.
In the area of the pedigrees, KKÖ reached 2009 nearly a new record of issued pedigrees. The major contributors were the Maine Coon with appr. 50%, the British, the Norwegian forest cats and at the first time the holy Birman were the second largest breed with appr. 15% each.
The amount of members were stable in 2009.
Due to the absence of the treasurer Mr. Fister, the board gave a overview about the financial activities in 2009.
One auditor Mrs. Negulescu stated, that the KKÖ shows a negative trend in financial results during the last years.
The board of KKÖ reject this statement as unsustainable, as even the slightly negative result in 2008 was followed by a positive result in 2009 with an additional increase for the donation towards the cat shelter (Katzenheim Freudenau).

The president, Mr. Preiss, appreciated his gratitude to all which helped during the shows, the members of the board and to all which are not in a official function.
The auditors Mrs. Ioana Negulescu and Mr. Michael Szaraz examined the books. The auditors recommend to discharge the treasurers Mr. Alfred Peikert for the period from January 1st, 2009 until July 25th, 2009 and Mr. Robert Fister from the period July 26th, 2009 until December 31st 2009.

Afterwards the discharge of responsibility of both treasurers for the respective period mentioned before took place.

Finally the discharge of responsibility of the executive board took place. The executive board would like to thank for the great confidence of the members of KKÖ.

Following members were elected into the executive board for a period of two years:
Mrs. Sabine Pries as secretary

Mrs. Elizabeth Wilcox and Mr. Franz Fürst as board members

As auditor, Mr. Michael Szaraz was elected for a period of two years.
Mr. IMichael Szaraz -

As in the last year there were no members for the show commissions proposed. The board will compile a team depending on the show location.
As there were neither proposals from the board nor from the members the general assembly could be closed rather early and the present members continued with the summer buffet  2010.

The executive board of the Klub der Katzenfreunde Österreichs (Austria's Cat Fancy)

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