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Report about the general assembly 2008

On Saturday July 5th 2008, our annual general assembly took place in the Salon of the Körnerhalle in Schwechat near Vienna. A lot of members accepted the invitation and after the welcome of the members and the statement of the quorum Mr. Harald Michal and Mrs. Ioana Negulescu, were confirmed as scrutinizers unanimously.
The approval of the agenda of the current assembly and the minutes of the general assembly 2007 passed and afterwards the board gave its reports.
In the last show year KKÖ held three double shows. The shows in Schwechat and Bregenz showed a high visitor interest as well as a high cat inscription rate. The third show in Wels, created, despite of an excellent and spacious hall and a nearby located hotel,  a unfortunate low interest. This was also a reason to cancel the fourth double show.
In the area of the pedigrees, KKÖ issued 2007 considerable more than the year before. The major contributors were the Maine Coon with 45%, the British with 20% and the Norwegian and Ragdoll with each 10%.
The amount of members were stable in 2007.
The treasurer Mr. Peikert reported a satisfactorily financial year and propose to continue with unchanged fees.
The president, Mr. Preiss, appreciated his gratitude to all which helped during the shows, the members of the board, the members of the show commission and to all which are not in a official function.
The auditors Mrs. Ioana Negulescu and Mr. Michael Szaraz examined the books. The auditors recommend to discharge the treasurer Mr. Alfred Peikert for the period from January 1st, 2007 until December 31st 2007.
Additional the auditors recommend to increase the donation towards cat shelters.

The board  appreciate the work of the two auditors and express its gratitude for their exact audit of our books.

Afterwards the discharge of responsibility of both treasurer for the respective period mentioned before took place.

Finally the discharge of responsibility of the executive board took place. The executive board would like to thank for the great confidence of the members of KKÖ.

Following members were elected into the executive board for a period of two years:

The president Mr. Preiss expressed his appreciation for the excellent work of Mrs. Peikert as secretary during the last period. Mrs. Peikert was not available for a new election.

Mrs. Sabine Pries as secretary

Mr. Robert Fister and Mrs. Elizabeth Wilcox as board members

As auditor, Mr. Michael Szaraz was elected for a period of two years.
Mr. Michael Szaraz -

There were no members for the show commissions proposed. The board will compile a team depending on the show location.
A proposal for the breeding rules from the board, to simplify the precondition requirements for breeding in the area of presenting the cats on shows, was carried with a high majority.
From now on a presentation of the stud and the queen is required during a FIFe-show and not as until now during a KKÖ-show. Additionally one presentation during one show with a excellent result in open class or two presentations in the age between 6 and 10 months with excellent results are sufficient. Until now a presentation during a minimum of to shows was necessary.

There were no proposals from members.
Afterwards there was a presentation of a report of the recent general assembly of FIFe.
The proposal from KKÖ regarding the own Best in Show if enough exhibits from a breed are present, which were done in a trial during our show in Krems this year, were unfortunately not accepted by the FIFe delegates.
Besides numerous rule adaptations there was a provisory recognition of the Neva Masquerade (it is the type of a Siberian with a colour point pattern). These cats can participate on FIFe shows starting 1.1.09, but receiving only provisory titles (maximum PIC and PIP) and are not eligible to participate during Best in Show. These will be only possible after final recognition of the breed by the FIFe general assembly. 
Additionally there will be a renaming of the titles EC and EP towards SC (Supreme Champion) and SP (Supreme Premior) and a renaming of the certificates CACE and CAPE towards CACS and CAPS starting 1.1.09. This change in names was necessary due to use of the titles in a worldwide organization. This means all cats which obtain the title EC resp. EP before the 1.1.09 will keep this title. Starting 1.1.09 only the title SC and SP can be obtained and already gained CACE and CAPE will be counted for the new title.
All additional decisions and adaptations will be shown at the FIFe-website.

A question was raised from the members regarding requested breeding permission. The board informed that breeding permission is given according to the existing breeding rules per cat and not for the whole cattery.

The executive board of the Klub der Katzenfreunde Österreichs (Austria's Cat Fancy)

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