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Report about the general assembly 2005

On Saturday July 23rd 2005, our annual general assembly took place in the Karlwirt restaurant in the southern area of Vienna. The members came also this year numerously, despite the summer temperatures.
After the welcome of the members and the statement of the quorum Mrs. Charlotte Bumba and Mr. Robert Fister, were confirmed as scrutinizers unanimously.
The approval of minutes of the  general assembly 2004 passed and afterwards the board gave its reports.
In the area of exhibitions, the number of exhibited cats fallen dramatically in comparisation with the show year 2003. There were 5 double certificate shows planned. 4 double certificate shows - 8 shows were performed. This was the consequence out of the reduced demand and also 2005 there will be only 8 exhibitions.
In the area of the pedigrees, KKÖ issued 2004 the largest amount of pedigrees since his foundation.
The amount of members increased slightly.
The president, Mr. Preiss, appreciated his gratitude to all which helped during the shows, the members of the board, the members of the show commission and to all which are not in a official function.
The auditors Dr. Susanna Lenk and Mr. Michael Szaraz examined the books. The auditors recommend to discharge the treasurer for the period from July 21st, 2004 until the end of the year 2004.

Questions which were raised by both of the auditors were answered in written form by the board.

Afterwards the discharge of responsibility of the treasurer for the period mentioned before took place.
As Mrs. Schirrer not candidate for a further period she requested a immediate check up of the books from the begin of the year until the day of this general assembly as well as a vote for discharge. The auditors were unable to fulfill this demand, due to lack of time for a intensive and correct check up. The check up shall be performed according to the present bylaws.

Finally the discharge of responsibility of the executive board took place. The executive board would like to thank for the great confidence of the members of KKÖ.

Following members were elected into the executive board for a period of two years:

Mr. Preiss appreciate his gratitude for the confidence of the present members.
Ing. Karl Preiss as president


As there were no proposals for the function of the treasurer, this function will be ad interim taken over by another board member (Mr. Rathbauer).
Mr. Franz Rathbauer - Treasurer - ad interim

As new auditor, Mrs. Ioana Negulescu was elected for a period of two years.
Mrs. Ioana Negulescu -
As members of the show commission
Mr. Robert Fister, Mr. Alfred Peikert and Mrs. Sabine Pries have been confirmed for a a period of two years.

The president thanks on behalf of the board for the contributed work of Mr. Herbert Braulik and Mrs. Sigrid Grau, which are not be available for a further period.

As there are no further proposals, there were discussions under the topic 'miscellaneous' about suggestions and requests from members. as well as the answering of several questions.


The general assembly ended - as already traditional - with a dinner, where still intensive talks about our common topic - the cats - continued.

The executive board of the Klub der Katzenfreunde Österreichs (Austria's Cat Fancy)


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