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Report about the general assembly 2011

On Sunday July 17th, 2011, our annual general assembly took place the second time in the Hotel Reinisch in Schwechat near Vienna. This year the general assembly commenced after a KKÖ member day and a short presentation of the results of the annual FIFe general assembly.
There were so many members present that the assembly room was nearly fully used.
Due to such an high interest after the shift from a Saturday to a Sunday the KKÖ board will consider this with further general assemblies. The relative warm summer afternoon was easy to bear in the comfortable climatisized assembly room.
After the welcome of the members and the statement of the quorum, the approval of the agenda of the current assembly and the minutes of the general assembly 2010 passed and afterwards the board gave its reports.
In the last show year KKÖ held three double shows. The shows in Schwechat and Bregenz showed a high visitor interest as well as a high cat inscription rate. For the third show in Mils were less cats announced, but an excellent amount of visitors balanced this fact.
In the area of the pedigrees, KKÖ reached 2010 the same amount of issued pedigrees like in the last years. Most pedigrees (appr. 45%) were again issued for Maine Coon, the second place was reached by the Norwegian forest cats (appr. 20%), followed by the British with appr. 10%.
The amount of members were stable in 2010.
The treasurer Mr. Fister reported about a slightly negative result of the year 2010, which was mainly caused due to reacquisition after the theft of a laptop at our show in Wiener Neudorf end of 2009.

The president, Mr. Preiss, appreciated his gratitude to all which helped during the shows, the members of the board and to all which are not in a official function.
The auditors Mrs. Ioana Negulescu and Mr. Michael Szaraz examined the books. The auditors recommend to discharge the treasurer Mr. Robert Fister from the period January 1st, 2010 until December 31st 2010.
The treasury was well conducted as well as the resp. documents were presented in a structured and easy understandable way. There were no reasons for annotations or comments.

Afterwards the discharge of responsibility of the treasurer for the respective period took place.

Finally the discharge of responsibility of the executive board took place. The executive board would like to thank for the great confidence of the members of KKÖ.

Following members were elected into the executive board for a period of two years:
Mr. Karl Preiss as president

Mr. Robert Fister as treasurer

As auditor, Mrs. Ilse Mur was elected for a period of two years.
Mrs. Ilse Mur -

As in the last year there were no members for the show commissions proposed. The board will compile a team depending on the show location.
The executive board presented following proposals regarding our breeding rules.
  • Introduction of a new additional alternative to obtain breed permission
    If a male or female cat was bred by an KKÖ breeder and possess a KKÖ pedigree, it is not necessary any longer that this cat must obtain a 'excellent' qualification during a show, before the cat is used for breeding.
    This proposal was intensive discussed, pro and cons analyzed and it passed finally.

  • Introduction of a mandatory DNA test for breeding with Norwegian forestcats GSD IV (Glycogenosis type IV) and Burmese cats GM II (Gangliosidosis type II)
    Latest 1st, January 2011, all litter announcements of the mentioned breeds must be accompanied with the tests for both breeding partners or negative test results of all parents of the breeding partners.
    The breeding with carriers is only allowed after a positive answered request to the breeding committee and special requirements have to be fulfilled.
    All adaptation are described in our breeding rules (German).
    This proposal was carried unanimously.
  • Adaptation of the registration of the titels GIC/GIP and SC/SP according to the valid FIFe-rules
    As this was only an adaption to valid rules the proposal passed unanimously and without any discussion.
  • Unification of the transcription process for CFA and GCCF pedigrees with the process for transcription of FIFe independent associations
    The split was based on outdated historical reasons and the proposal passed unanimously.
  • Adaptation about the sending procedure for pedigrees and valorization of various fees described in the breeding rules
    The payment for pedigrees and other documents reg. breeding are changed from 'payment at receiving of documents' to 'payment at request of documents'.  The fee for transcription of non-FIFe pedigrees was decoupled from the fees for other pedigrees, all additional fees for late sending of documents were dropped and several fees were valorisized.
    Also this proposal was carried with all votes.

All updates are included in our new breeding rules (german).
As there were no proposals from our members, the general assembly was closed after short two hours and the present members enjoyed the summer buffet 2011.

The executive board of the Klub der Katzenfreunde Österreichs (Austria's Cat Fancy)

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