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Der I. Katzenklub

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the judge of the special show

KKÖ special prices
numerous visitors

finalists wait for the announcement
of the results

the finalists enter the stage

10. Best NFO

Elais Gatta PL
NFO4 n 09 23 0/1
black spotted tabby / white
Ow: Lacmanova Andrea-CZ
Br: Kosycarz Ewa-PL


NFO trophies
with FIFe-flag

9. Best NFO

EP Wildfee's Mitti Tiger,DSM,AW05
NFO 3 n 23 0/1
black mackeral tabby
Ow: Peikert Alfred-A
Br: Hofstätter Maria-A
presented by Mr. Fister

8. Best NFO

Angelo v. Achtal
NFO 8 ns 09 1/0
black smoke / white
Ow/Br: Kobencic Sabine-A

7. Best NFO

Dimmbra's Ailin
NFO 6 f 09 21 0/1
blacktortie tabby / white
Ow/Br: Zupan Ingrid-A

6. Best NFO

GIC Titran's Viking,JW,AW05
NFO 3 n 23 1/0
black mackerel tabby /white
Ow. Alfred Peikert-A
Br: Weissbach Renée-B

5. Best NFO

GIC Liisa Annikki av Trulla
NFO 6 g 09 0/1
bluecream / white
Ow/Bre: Platz Alexander, Dr.-D

only 4 candidates left

4. Best NFO

Sverre Augustson av Trulla
NFO 2 n 09 1/0
black / white
Ow/Br: Platz Alexander, Dr.-D

3. Best NFO

Robin Hood av Trulla
NFO 3 n 23 1/0
black mackerel tabby
Ow: Krauß Sabine/Fourman Thomas-D
Br: Platz Alexander, Dr.-D

Only two still there

2. Best NFO

Lapponia Lakka av Trulla
NFO 4 n 09 22 0/1
black blotched tabby / white
Ow/Br: Platz Alexander, Dr.-D

Best NFO

The KKÖ president
Mr Karl Preiss
present the special price
donated by
Mrs. Judith Mac-Arthur

Best NFO

DK Mi-Chi's Hell Boy
NFO 4 n 09 22 1/0
black blotched tabby / white
Ow: Bauerová Jarmila/Kilianová Lucie-CZ
Br: Kyed Christina/Lars-DK



for the superb presentation
from all participants






Pictures from the Norwegian special Linz 2006



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