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Charles SPIJKER (NL)

KKÖ special prices

call of the finalists
by the KKÖ president

exhibitors of the finalists

10th best MCO

DK Castle Rock Veronica Fever
MCO 7 as 22 0/1
bluesilver blotched tabby
Ow: Theimer, Dr. Gerald-A
Br: Refstrup Pil-DK


9th best MCO

CH Anya Avica Wiktoria
MCO 4 n 09 22 0/1
black blotched tabby / white
Ow/Br: Kalicka Beata-PL


8th best MCO

CH GR Nectarcats Shadow
MCO 6 d 09 22 1/0
red blotched tabby / white
Ow: Biernacka Katarzyna-PL
Br: Foundou Nektaria-GR

7th best MCO

King Creole the Tenderly
MCO 3 n 22 1/0
black blotched tabby
Ow: Bammer Hildegard-A
Br: Reiter Helene-D

6th best MCO

A Winerau's James Dean
MCO 3 n 22 1/0
black blotched tabby
Ow: Drkal Manuela-A
Br: Hasitschka Günter-A

5th best MCO

Ares Querer
MCO 5 d 23 1/0
red mackerel tabby
Ow: Kalicka Berta-PL
Br: Pokorski Grzegorz-PL

4th best MCO

Calafati's Balu
MCO 1 n 1/0
Ow: Liebeswar Martin-A
Br: Liebeswar Christine-A

3th best MCO

EC FIN Escapes Poker Face, JW
MCO 3 n 22 1/0
black blotched tabby
Ow: Adamczyk Anna-PL
Br: Hiltunen Jaana-FI

2nd best MCO

Emmanuel Carmella PL
MCO 3 a 22 1/0
blue blotched tabby
Ow: Holubová Lenka-CZ
Br: Mroz Agnieszka-PL

Best MCO

Big Giants Kenzo
MCO 1 a 1/0
Ow: Woijcik Jolanta-PL
Br: Rebmann Angela-D


Charles SPIJKER (NL)

for the superb presentation
from all participants





Pictures from the Maine Coon special Schwechat 2006


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