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80 years jubilee
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Jubilee show hall
The Palais Kaufmännischer Verein,
often referred to as the "small Hofburg in Linz",
is located in the centre of Linz,
directly on the pedestrian precinct

The jubilee diner is served


After a construction time of two years the club house was inaugurated on the 20th of November in 1898. Apart from the expensively furnished rooms also many representative offices moved into the Palais, which were the seat of the chamber of commerce.

Mr. Kempf-CH, Mr. Rathbauer-KKÖ
honorary member, Mrs. Kaindl-D,
Mrs. Rainer-A, Mr. Rainer-A
and Mr. Müller-Rech-D

(from the right to the left)

The main entrance into the palais
It was a time of great economic and social progress, when over 130 years ago eleven young traders called the "foundation committee of the association of young traders in Linz" into life. Their creed was Education, Progress and Liberty. And this also was the main interest of the association, "… to have a positive effect on the intelligence of the young traders and to give further training in commercial, industrial and social matters..."

Mr. Meyer-D (left side), Mrs. Lütgehetmann-D,
 Mrs. Christen-CH, Mr. Hodel-CH (right side),
Mrs. Helene Reiter-D (stands right)

Our industrial exhibitors presented their
goods and supply
in the Palais ground floor

Judge Mrs. Veland-N (left),
Mrs. Bezrucka-A (right middle),
Mr. Michal-A (backside), Mrs. Michal-A

The cashier desk at the staircase

Mr. Preiss-president of KKÖ
congratulate Mr. Claus Wehnert-DK
to the win of 1 free cage for a KKÖ show




Pictures from the 80 years jubilee

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