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Der I. Katzenklub

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80 years jubilee
75 years jubilee


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Mrs. Jaklin, A

winner of KKÖ's Golden Passport (1 cage free on all shows in 2002), together with Ing. Mr. Preiss, president of the KKÖ (in the middle) and Mr. Zauner, the host of the jubilee diner (to the left).

FIFe's special present for KKÖ's 75 years jubilee

Mrs. Semrov, SI

receives the first price (cat food for 3 years) from IAMS CEO Mr. Koch.

75 years jubilee cake

Mrs. Preiss, treasurer of the KKÖ

Mr. Rathbauer, vice-president of the KKÖ

Art Nouveau picture in the entrance hall of the restaurant Zauner

Mrs. Kühnel, honorable member of the KKÖ

receives the judges' present from Ing. Mr. Preiss

The virgin gala diner table

The real event in the Art Nouveau Salon

Eva-Maria Freissmuth, Austria

draws the lucky winners.

Zauner's logo of the restaurant

The menu card

The sweet desert Meow created by Zauner




Pictures from the 75 years jubilee diner

Set 1   Set 2   Set 3   Set 4


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