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Rules for breeding & health of cats of KKÖ (German)

Breeding rules

Litter announcement


Cattery application


Health certificate

Health certificate
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Education of our breeders

  • Education in basic genetics:

    • We inform about current developments in the area of genetics.


  • Education in knowledge of the various cat breeds:

    • We publish articles about the standards of the breeds with basic explanations,
      how to read the standard, what's important, which faults should be avoided.


  • Education in breeding methods:

    • We train our breeders how to read the pedigrees. They can tell you a lot!
    • We inform about the various breeding methods - line breeding, cross
      breeding, etc. - and inform about application of such programs.

Always open for new breeds and colour varieties

  • On our shows new breeds or colours are specially promoted:

    • They always can win fine prizes.
    • They also have a special prize reduction when entering our shows.


  • Our breeding rules are very liberal when it comes to colours or to breed with cats from other federations:

    • There are no restrictions on crossing different colour varieties.
    • There are no restrictions to limited federations. Our breeders can import cats from whatever federation they want.
    • There are no restrictions which studs from which federations are used.


  • Our breeding rules are tough when it comes to the point of health:

    • Our main breeding interest is to breed healthy and vital cats.
    • We are the leading organisation in Europe, that all kittens to go must have a health certificate with a health screening test signed by an approved veterinarian.
    • Therefore the amount of litters per cat within a year is restricted by our rules.
    • All stud males, from whatever federation they might come, must be vaccinated against panleukopenia and FelV.
    • We are also playing a leading role here: All our white cats must have an audiometric hearing certificate, which is also registered on their pedigree.
    • All kittens to go must be vaccinated against panleukopenia and respiratory diseases, which must be also certified by an approved veterinarian in their screening test.
      When going abroad the kittens must be also vaccinated against rabies.
    • All Norwegian Forestcats which are used for breeding must have a DNA test for GSD IV (Glycogenosis type IV) or it is proofen by DNA tests that the respective parents are free of GSD IV
    • All Burmese cats which are used for breeding must have a DNA test for GM II (Gangliosidosis type II) or it is proofen by DNA tests that the respective parents are free of GM II




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