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Our shows

  • Are the largest in Austria with more than 600 entries a weekend.
  • In FIFe our club was the FIRST club to organize a cat show in 1990 with neighbour countries, a tradition which we kept up to now and which was adopted by many other clubs of other countries.
  • Our club was the FIRST where exhibitors can present their cats themselves to the judge on all our shows.
  • Exhibitors from all countries of Europe join our shows, which are famous for their friendly atmosphere and their Best in Show.
  • Judges from Brazil, CFA (America), Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Great Britain, Russia, Czech Republic, Italy, France, and many more countries are invited to our shows.
  • We want to give the possibility to our exhibitors to have their cats judged by different judges from different countries with different cultures.
  • On all our shows exhibitors can present all their cats themselves to the judge.
    An advantage for your cat which doesn't get excited or afraid any longer, and you can hear the judge's opinion about your cat directly from the judge.
    You may not find this matter of course on all the other clubs, in some clubs only stewards are permitted to present your cat to the judge.
  • On all our shows an exhibitor has all his cats together cage by cage.
    This saves the exhibitor from running across the whole show hall to pick up his cats, if he shows cats of different colours and breeds.
    You and your cats feel saver and you can watch and take care of all your cats easily.
  • You choose your cage neighbour yourself.
    You can be together with your friends and breeders whom you are interested in. You write your wish on the entry form and we'll organize it for you.

Do you know already our AWUK ?

AWUK means automatic litter class. You pay the entrance fee for only 2 cats and can show as many cats of a litter as you want. All the cats are judged separately in their corresponding classes and additionally they start in the litter class, too. All this you get without paying extra money.

Does your cat already participate in our AUSTRIAN WINNER contest ?

Your cat automatically collects points on all our shows and can win in 4 groups: Adults, Neuters, Kittens (4-10 month) and Domestic cats.
The winners are invited to our winner show - you don't pay entry fees for the winner - and you are invited to the dinner. You get also coupons where you can enter your cat on our following shows without paying entry fee. A active full or supporting membership in KKÖ is prerequisite to participate.

You know how to reduce your entry fees ?

Announce your cat online and use our internet portal, show your cat on both days and pay your fee using PayPal.




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